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CAREERS offers comprehensive, person-centered services to help individuals with disabilities find and keep rewarding jobs. Our extensive services include:

Assessment of Abilities

We provide an in-depth assessment of each individual’s strengths, weaknesses, skills, interests, special needs, employment history, employment goals, and educational history.

View possible employment opportunities

Locate Employment Opportunities

We help individuals find long-term jobs that offer friendly, secure working environments and the chance for advancement.

Job Development

Each person is assigned a professional Employment Specialist who provides resume writing assistance, as well as coaching on interviewing techniques, personal presentation, and other job seeking skills.

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Job Placement

Our Employment Specialists set up interviews and accompany clients, as needed, to guide them through the interview process. We provide these services until each individual obtains an appropriate job.

Job Coaching

Employment Specialists provide one-on-one training, when necessary, working with each individual until he or she is firmly established on the job. Our Employment Specialists provide needed support and are always available to answer questions. Long-term job coaching services are available, as needed.

Comprehensive Person-Centered Services

CAREERS focuses on the total person. We help each individual solve job-related issues, including transportation, special equipment, and medical needs. We also make referrals to other agencies that specialize in certain areas, such as counseling, recreation and benefit advisement.


One of our primary goals is to educate the public about the capabilities of people with disabilities and advocate on their behalf to secure and maintain meaningful employment.

Where Our Clients Work

CAREERS offers individualized job search services for each client based upon where he or she lives, and his or her work history and job preferences. Here are just some of the employers with whom we have partnered:

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